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#The internet browsers and internet proxy/inetkey setup.
#The internet browsers and internet proxy/inetkey setup.
#How to find help about the [[SUSE/Novell]] desktop.
#How to find help about the [[SUSE/Novell]] desktop.
#Where to find [[New_Linux_Users |help]] for Linux.
#Where to find [[LINUX/HELP|help]] for Linux.
#Use a file manager to move, copy and delete files.
#Use a file manager to move, copy and delete files.
#Have look at some file editors.
#Have look at some file editors.

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Introduction / Inlieding

The Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering invites you to attend this Linux course. The purpose of the course is to introduce the Linux Desktop and how to use it. SUSE/Novell is used as the Linux platform for instruction.

Die Departement van Elektriese en Elekroniese Ingenieurswese nooi belangstellendes uit om die Linux inleidingskursus by te woon. Die doel van die kursus is om die Linux Desktop bekend te stel, asook hoe om dit te gebruik. SUSE/Novell word as onderrigplatform gebruik.

Audience / Teikengroep

This course is for absolute beginners in Linux/Open Source software and is planned for four hours approximately. If you are thinking of using Linux or want to know more, then this course is for you. This is also a great re-fresher course and source for the latest developments in Linux. During the course you are shown which buttons do what and how to find help for Linux.

Die kursus is vir beginners in Linux/Open Source sagteware en sal ongeveer vier ure duur. Dit is vir diegene wat daaraan dink om Linux te gebruik, of om meer daarvan te leer. Dit is ook 'n goeie opknappingskursus en 'n bron van die nuutste ontwikkelinge in die Linux omgewing. Tydens die kursus word daar ook gekyk na watter knoppie wat doen, en hoe om die Linux hulpfunksie te gebruik.

You are welcome to forward this page to anyone who might be interested.

For queries send an email to: Hilton Gibson.


  • This course is free for staff and students of the Stellenbosch University.
  • For other staff/students of higher education institutions: R60.00.
  • For scholars from high and junior schools: R30.00.
  • For ALL others: R100.00.

Please bring your fees with you to the course. Thank You.


  1. The history of GNU, Linux and OSS.
  2. Explain the login managers.
  3. The internet browsers and internet proxy/inetkey setup.
  4. How to find help about the SUSE/Novell desktop.
  5. Where to find help for Linux.
  6. Use a file manager to move, copy and delete files.
  7. Have look at some file editors.
  8. The e-mail clients and e-mail setup.
  9. The office document programs such as word processors, spreadsheets, presentations and graphics.
  10. The concept of the print server and printer setup.
  11. Introduce the multimedia programs.
  12. Find out how to browse the local network.
  13. Introduce Linux Programming.
  14. Briefly learn a bit about Linux System Admin.


The course is on Saturdays, 13H00 to 17H00, every month in 2005 in the E&E building room E451/8.


Send an e-mail to Hilton Gibson to make a booking. Please specify the date of the particular course you would like to attend and use "Linux Course" as the subject line. Also include your personnel/student number if applicable. You should recieve a reply within 48 hours, if not, please try again.



  1. Airport to Stellenbosch (260 Kb).
  2. Location of E&E building in Stellenbosch (423 Kb).
  3. Entrance to E&E building (48 Kb).

Travel to Stellenbosch and then follow the directions below. The Engineering building is in "Banghoek Road".

Getting to the Lab from the foyer

  1. Enter the Engineering Building from the 'red arrow' side which faces the Simonsberg mountain.
  2. Enter the foyer and use the lift to the 4th floor.
  3. Turn left from the lift into the hallway with the picture gallery.
  4. Once past the picture gallery, turn left again before the inter-building walkway.
  5. The room numbers are labeled above the doorways.
  6. Look for E451 or E458.

Note: For weekend courses, please wait outside the main foyer until I collect you. The building is protected with an access control system. If there are problems, my cellphone number is 0846464758.

Default Settings for the Linux Desktop on Campus

These settings are mostly only applicable to students and staff of the University of Stellenbosch.

Proxy Settings

E-Mail Clients Settings

  • Recieve mail from: imap.sun.ac.za
  • Send mail to: mail.sun.ac.za



University of Stellenbosch IT Linux Support Policy

For queries regarding a possible Linux support policy at the University of Stellenbosch, please contact the following people:

  • Ralph Pina: 021-808-4271 or [1]
  • Helmi Dreijer: 021-808-4246 or [2]
  • Joe Smit: 021-808-4209 or [3]

Please note, no official Linux/Open Source support policy has been developed by the University.