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| ...LAB NOTES... | ...GUIDES... | ...VIM DOCUMENTATION... | ...LINUX 101... |

Timetable and Venue

Where: The lecture will take place in the EOLAB (E451/2) on the 4th floor of the E&E building.

When: It is provisionally planned for Tuesday the 15th and Wednesday the 16th of February from 19h00 for approx 50 students per lecture.


Students are requested to download and read the following documentation available from here:

  1. EELAB Linux notes.
  2. SUSE 9.1 guide.
  3. Vi Tutorial.

What to bring with

  1. A clean unformatted stiffy.
  2. Your flashdisk with USB extension cable.
  3. Notepaper.

Lecture One

  1. Introduction to Linux. (The history, basic principle of an operating system and kernel, when Windows and when Linux)
  2. How to log on.
  3. How to work in your home directory and create new directories.
  4. How to copy, move and delete files (including to and from floppy and FlashStick).
  5. How to find help.
  6. How to edit a file with "vim".
  7. How to compile and run a simple program e.g. "Hello world".

Lecture Two

  1. Introduce the concept of cross platform programming.