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Please note

This page is no longer updated. Any other SUSE supporter on campus is welcome to take over.

Rather have a look at or


SUSE was bought out by Novell corporation in March 2004. This wiki page is intended as a guide to the installation of Novell/SUSE Linux on campus. SUSE/Novell is highly reccomended for new users.

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Always install Microsoft first, then Linux.

Read this article first.

Read up about the MBR (Master Boot Record) and you will know why !

Those new to Linux can read this introduction.

Get and prepare software CD's for installation

  1. Copy the SUSE/Novell 9.2 CD ISO images to your PC's hard drive.
  2. Then burn the ISO CD images to blank writable CD's.


Do not copy the ISO image as a data file to your CD writer
Select the "Burn ISO Image" option in your CD burning software

Before installation

  1. Download and read the full SUSE/Novell (9MB) GUIDE (Version 9.1 only) and FAQ.
  2. Make sure that your PC can boot from the CDROM. To do this, adjust your PC's BIOS so that by default it tries to boot the CDROM device first when the PC starts up.
  3. Ensure that your hard disk has at least 10GB spare space.
  4. SUSE/Novell needs at least 128MB RAM. More RAM is allways better for your PC.
  5. SUSE/Novell works best with a good video card and monitor. At least a video card capable of 3D and a monitor that can frequency switch.


View the full SUSE/Novell INSTALL procedure.

Insert SUSE/Novell CD1 in CDROM drive and reboot PC to install SUSE/Novell.

The installation will begin with CD1 then the other CD's. Remember to remove CD1 before re-booting.

After installation

Help information

  • A full SUSE/Novell (9MB) GUIDE (Version 9.1 only) is available locally online.
  • Run the 'susehelp' program from a terminal or click on the lifebuoy icon wherever it is for SUSE/Novell help.
  • Read as much as you can about using the SUSE/Novell administration programs called "Yast" and "Sax".

Add software installation sources

Setting this up enables you to easily access all the available SUSE/Novell software on the University archive server.

You need to know which machine has the software, what network protocols it runs and in what directories the software is.

As root user modify the "Change Source of Installation" module in Yast and to accomplish this.


The machine is an FTP and HTTP server and it's hostname is "".





In addition, for SUSE/Novell, you can add the following as an HTTP source to get full multimedia capabilities on your SUSE/Novell box.


Enable Online Software Updates

Setting this up enables you to get the latest software security and enhancement updates online from the University server.

This is done in three steps.


As root user edit the file /etc/youservers and add as your local Online Update source.


As root user edit the file /etc/sysconfig/onlineupdate and change YAST2_LOADFTPSERVER="yes" to YAST2_LOADFTPSERVER="no"


Then as root user run the Yast "System Update" module to update the entire system or run the Yast "Online Update" module just to update the software. "Online Update" should be run regularly to keep your software up to date. Here are some SCREENSHOTS.

Make and apply a patch CD

This is optional. If you are disconnected from the University network and want to recieve updates, then ask a friend to make a patch CD for you. Remember to select "Download all patches from server" to have all the patches on your hard disk.

Make CD

  1. Fire up k3b !! Use a blank RW CD if possible.
  2. Select..."Create Data CD".
  3. In directory listing go to../var/lib/YAST2/you/mnt...drag and drop i386 on CD.
  4. Select k3b avoid any fancy stuff...otherwise yast will refuse it.
  5. Select burn.
  6. Done.

Apply patches

  1. Fire up "yast" !!
  2. Select "Patch CD Update" all the required selections along.
  3. Pop CD into the install CDROM.
  4. Then...NEXT...if all is well "yast" will read the CD.
  5. Done.


  • Read about SUSE/Novell's history on the Wikipedia.
  • See the people behind SUSE/Novell.
  • Search the SUSE/Novell support database for help.
  • Check out this link to setup a cron job to do online updates.